Rise empowers people and helps local communities feel inspired and grow stronger.
People Helping People

Habitas Rise is our philanthropic effort to support emerging and impacted communities around the world. Rise leads with culture, art, self-expression and community infrastructure. 

The need to feel connected, belong to a community and to have an outlet for self-expression are fundamental necessities shared by all.

Rise empowers individuals, leaders and helps local communities to live inspired and grow stronger together.

We aim to change the refugee experience by offering solutions, programming, and public spaces created and built by refugees themselves. . By involving locals and refugees in co-creating solutions to this crisis, we are enabling them to be anticipatory design scientists. As the ones most deeply affected by forced migration, locals and refugees hold relevant knowledge and insight as to how to best create sustainable models of survival and governance. Our work empowers and enables them to do so.
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Our Methodology


Find areas in need that have the potential to become epicenters of transformative global change.


Partner with local self-starters, local institutions, and like-minded organizations.


Enable partners to build and activate cultural infrastructure and programming / lead with culture.


Bring educators, entrepreneurs, innovators, artists and leaders to engage with and inspire the local community.


Empower local communities to independently continue and spread their social movement.

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