Uhuru Land is a place to tell stories and bring people together through shared experiences. It is designed to showcase alternatives and provide replicable models for addressing today's global humanitarian crisis.
Uhuru Land + Amphitheater

Uhuru Land is an agora, a town square and a gathering place where culture can begin it's natural process of self-expression.

Culture acts as a unifying force to uprooted people, and this cultural hub fosters community, dignity and expression. 

Rise is collaborating with local entrepreneurs, community leaders, artists and residents to build an amphitheater within a public square in the heart of Nakivale Refugee Settlement. The amphitheater provides the first public gathering place for the over 150,000 refugees from 14 African Nations living in the settlement to come together, meet, learn, share and inspire each other.

In its early stages, the amphitheater is already hosting tens of thousands of refugees for cultural events, music, film screenings, the World Cup, weddings, classes and more. 

Phase One | Secure Land, Break Ground and Build

Rise empowered Patrick Muvunga Trickpa, a Congolese refugee, to create his dream of a cultural epicenter. To open the town square Patrick designed an amphitheater for the Nakivale Refugee Settlement. 

The Land was secured for the Nakivale residents.  The phase one amphitheater construction was completed just in time for a much celebrated viewing of the 2018 World Cup.

Many events have followed including weekly talent shows, women’s groups and inclusive multinational community gatherings.


We were joined by the artist Shrine (known well in our community for building several temples at Burning Man) to Nakivale for a month to transform, collaborate and inspire the community with large scale public art.

His impact is hard to miss, (check out his instagram) and he's started training and collaborating with local artists.

Public art, sculpture and murals were created all over the settlement. Dance classes, concerts, performances, meetings weddings and more now take place regularly at Uhuru Land.

Phase Two | Multiply

Complete The Amphitheater.

With the success of the phase one we plan to add a stage, a roof, lighting and sound.  This will triple the number of events hosted in the space because they can happen in the heat of mid day, late at night and even in the rain.

These additions will allow refugee activists, artists, teachers, and community organizer to more easily activate the space, and literally amplify their voice.

This will also remove the cost to run an event from the locals.

These additions are all be in preparations for the co-creation of the first Music Festival, led by refugees - for refugees - in a refugee settlement.

We’re partnering with a other aligned organizations to build an innovation and learning center, creating public art, completing a recording studio, education and helping more dreams come true.

Support and Leadership

Every dollar, project lead, partner, volunteer and mentor has come from within the Habitas community.

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